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Undergraduate Programs

For admission and program details please choose one of the following:

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Bachelor of Arts


Second Degree in French

The regulations for a second degree at McMaster may be found in the General Academic Regulations of the Undergraduate Calendar.

The requirements for second degree in French depend on students’ past work in their first degree. A second degree at the B.A. level is 30 units of work, while at the Honours level it is 60 units. Students must complete the required courses they have missing for the French program, and the rest is electives. Students interested in completing a second degree in French are welcome to speak to Academic Advisors of the Faculty of Humanities (CNH-107, 905-525-9140 x27532) to receive a preliminary assessment.

Programs for Students who Entered Prior to September 2010

Students who entered a program in French prior to September 2010 should refer to their degree audits or contact an Academic Advisor in the Humanities Academic Advising Office to discuss their program requirements.

The Department of French has an overall theme of Francophonie (the French-speaking world) and Diversity. This theme is reflected in the three areas of study in the following table which serves to give an overview of courses available in each area of concentration. Students are not expected to specialize officially in any one area.

For more information see possible areas of study.