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Study Abroad

McMaster French Department students have the opportunity to spend their third year abroad, with many French Universities to choose from, including Lyon 2 and Blaise Pascal. This wonderful experience immerses students in the French language and cultural, while receiving academic credit that count towards their degree.

For more information for McMaster exchange opportunities go to the MacAbroad or Humanities Study Abroad.

For counseling information for students going on exchange, contact Rowena Muhic-Day (muhicr@mcmaster.ca) or the International Student Services Office (macabroad@mcmaster.ca)


Explore is a five-week intensive (partially) government funded language-learning course. The immersion environment allows students to improve their reading, writing and oral language skills.
Participants in Explore receive a $2,000 bursary (taxable income) that covers tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation.

For more detailed information please visit: http://www.myexplore.ca


Odyssey is a language-assistant program. Under the supervision of a teacher, your role will be to encourage students to improve their knowledge of the English language and its associated cultures and to use the language on a daily basis. You will leave your home province or territory to work in a rural or suburban area in another province.

For more details please visit http://www.myodyssey.ca/


CIEP is a paid teaching abroad experience through the French Embassy. Students work in elementary and high schools all over France as native speaking English language assistants. This paid opportunity allows for great teaching experience, and the immersion in a francophone community allows students to improve their own language skills.

For more information, please visit the CIEP website: http://www.ciep.fr/en/

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